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Automatic Honey Beehive with frames

Sadykova from Massey

The Hive Classic 7 Frame is our signature package, carefully crafted to experience the ease of harvesting. Perfect for beginners or experienced beekeepers, this hive contains 7 Frames featuring our revolutionary honey harvesting technology.

This complete beehive package is ready for bees and includes the following:

Material- Pine

Components of a auto hive classic

- Roof;

- Screen boards;

- Flow Key Access Cover

- Side Observation Window Cover;

- Rear Observation Window Cover;

- Super;

- Queen Excluder;

- Broad Box;

- Base.

- 7 plastic auto frame

*Easy to assemble

All the components sent can be assembled according to the assembly

*Packing Included roof, bttm, and brood box and super box ,queen excluder, Inner Cover, assembly instruction,7 auto frame, 1 key

* Observation Windows

You just need to uncover the cap of comb and harvest tube, then insert the honey key into the gap, next rotate the honey key to 90 angle. Honey will flow out from comb. Also, it has both sides of observation windows which let you see inside without taking off the lid and bothering the bees

*Bees are not included

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021 143 67 57


Size - w50 cm * h80cm

Price: $650

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