42 days ago

The third instalment of provisional tax is due TOMORROW

NZ Chartered Accountant from Small Business Accounting - Hobsonville

The third instalment of provisional tax is due TOMORROW for people who have a March balance date and use the ratio option to calculate their provisional tax payments.

AND GST returns and payments are also due TOMORROW for the taxable period ending September.

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3 hours ago

Countdown brand mussels

Hilary from Te Atatu South

Hi neighbours.dont buy any countdown brand marinated mussels,had eaten them all but 2 and found this gross worm in one about 2 inches long or longer,I wonder how many I ate.have notified them but unfortunately will never eat mussels again 🤮

4 days ago

Name a book

NumberWorks'nWords Henderson

What book sticks in your mind?

1 day ago

Abandoned chook

Ewa from Avondale

There is a hen wandering on my driveway from yesterday. She looks abandoned but in good health. If anyone wants to give her a good home/add to existing flock please let me know: 021 102 3002