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Te Atatu Food Truck Fridays - October 4th 4:30pm-8:30pm

Joseph from Te Atatu South

Some logistics for tomorrow’s Te Atatu Food Truck Friday’s for some who will be joining us for the first time. We are at 247 Edmonton Road behind the St Johns ambulance station. There are 60 carparks in the Te Atatu South Community Centre carpark available. There is also a huge grass area available to park in behind the St Johns hall (entry at the bottom of the carpark). Mind the kerb up to grass area. If parking in this area, avoid any areas roped off. Walking or biking up always ensures you get VIP parking. Plenty of seating is available in our courtyard area, in our community centre hub or picnic in the park. There will be music, kids playzone, free facepainting and a bouncy castle. Dress for the weather, stay around and enjoy the vibes. We are running now to 8:30pm so no need to be afraid of a little darkness. More time to fill your tums. See you tomorrow 4:30pm – 8:30pm at your own food fest in your backyard 🍔🌮🌭. More details on our Facebook page www.facebook.com.... Be sure to like and follow the page.

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3 days ago

MORE garden photos to cheer everybody up on this wet day. =D Taken in between rain showers. =D

Sharon from Te Atatu South

Photo 1: A white hollyhock flower off my OTHER (NON-PINK) hollyhock bush. =D
Photo 2: My pink Little Miss Perfect roses (shrub bought from Bunnings, of course). =D
Photo 3: A white (or very pale purple) I-don't-know-what flower, but it is very pretty, so I thought I'd take a photo of it - it's the same as the unknown pink flowers I've photographed before, but white. =D
Photo 4: My snapdragons (I think). =D
Photo 5: My beans (all sorts) and pumpkins coming up. =D They are butternuts, I think - I planted the seeds from cut-up pumpkins I'd bought for dinner, then put the scraps (including the seeds) in the compost - YES, you can grow all sorts of pumpkin plants from these, I'm pretty sure that's how one of my previous, VERY prolifically-fruiting butternuts grew - from a seed in the compost!!!!!!!! =D So HERE'S hoping I get some this - or next - year!!!!!!!! =D
Photo 6: Some of my pumpkin seedlings. =D Butternuts, I think - my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D Hehehe. =D
Photo 7: Two of my scarlet runner bean seedlings!!!!! =D Yay - I can FINALLY get them to grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D AND, what's AMAZING is that NONE show signs of rot. =O The trick is to plant them, and your pumpkins, in a raised bed WITH GOOD SOIL, and then BOTH your pumpkins AND your beans will be healthy - THIS is what I have learned from this. =D Heheheh!!!!!!!! =D

4 days ago

Ohhhhhh no, NOT another one. =P Sigh. =P A ZOO ANIMAL, this time. =P

Sharon from Te Atatu South

A male Nyala antelope at Wellington Zoo got spooked/frightened by the fireworks and ran into a fence they believe, and they found it dead the next morning:

7 hours ago

It was kinda a pay-it forward kinda thing…

AMI Insurance

When Sharlene Clements heard thieves had stolen a car belonging to Denise Pearson and her son Reuben, who lives with cerebral palsy, Sharlene jumped straight to their aid. She immediately offered them a wheelchair-modified van that had been given to her business in a life-changing act of kindness.

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