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28 minutes ago


Sally from West Harbour

Join us for the 4th season premiere,.of Scientology. TV network at 7.45 p.m on Tues Oct 22 at the Church of Scientology 136 Grafton Rd,Auckland.
RSVP Helen (09) 379 0900 to reserve your seat

44 minutes ago

MORE spring flowers that have opened up in my garden since last time. =D

Sharon from Te Atatu South

Photo 1: Freesias. YES, THESE DO have a lovely scent!!!!!!!! =D Photo 2: Cornflower (I think). Photo 3: Forget-me-not. Photo 4: Poached egg flower (I think). Photo 5: I don't know. Some unnamed blueish/purple-ish flower, but very pretty. Photo 6: Begonia. Photo 7: Bright yellow dianthus (I think). Photo 8: Double Delight Rose. =D MY favourite!!!!!!!! =D Photo 9: Poppy!!!!!!!! =D MY OTHER favourite!!!!!!!! =D Photo 10: My purple dianthus I got from a customer who didn't want it when she was moving house. =D Photo 11: My two polyanthus I got from her at the same time. =D The one on the left has yellow flowers, and the one on the right looks VERY unfortunate but had both red AND purple flowers with yellow centres, maybe it's two plants in one, I dunno. But it's got a little bud in the centre that's going to become a purple flower, so I'll get a photo of that one when it opens. =D In the meantime, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D Heheheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

3 hours ago

Rugby World Cup

Ernie from Massey

What is the best way to live stream the world cup from today?