47 days ago

People in lower income jobs to be most affected if retirement age goes up – Chris Hipkins

Matt from Henderson

My view is retirement if going to keep going up every year or every so often, what is people our age from 30 upwards going to have when we get to that age? Has any actually thought about that? I am not being mean to anyone in respect with the retirement age going up or down, but am just concerned if like my generation now, I'm in my mid 30's still young and active, what will happen if retirement age does keep going up and up? What the next generation look forward to when we get to that age? You need to think of not just older people (no respect) but what will your children or grandchildren in their 30's onwards have for an retirement? Can you see it on a bigger scale to speak? Here's the youtube clip about the retirement age with John Campbell.



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7 days ago

Does this guy have a home?

Lauren from Glendene

Hi all,

Does this friendly guy belong to anyone? (or vice-versa as cats go!) We're on Butterworth Drive and have noticed a cat explosion in the last few months with a lot of them congregating in our yard.
This guy has become more and more friendly and lets us approach him and yowls a lot when he comes round to let our 2 cats know that he's come to say hi.
He sprays constantly around the yard and has recently sprayed on our washing on the clothes horse :/
We've tried the paper 'Am I owned?' collar but we're not sure if it just fell off due to damp weather.
Please let me know if you know if he has a home or he's been lost and is trying to wander home. He's in good condition and is unfixed.


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Beaurepaires Henderson

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1 day ago

Who will Goff pick as his "cabinet" ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Phil Goff arrived back to work to an emptied office on Monday, to start work on his second term as mayor. He has to choose who will be his key lieutenants - the chairs of the main committees. Do you think he should also put councillors back on the board of Auckland Transport? See the story below:

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