35 days ago

Will a young candidate encourage you to vote in October?

Todd Niall Reporter from Western Leader

Hi Neighbours, less than three months from October's local body elections, a wave of 20-something candidates around the country are helping each other in an unprecedented effort to have their generation at the decision making tables. If you weren't thinking of voting, will they inspire you? Read the story below.

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1 day ago

An Automated Voice Message From Spark? Another phone scam?

Matt from Henderson

Has anyone received a automated voice message from Spark as of lately? Our phone has been getting this quite recently. Has happened to us about 3 times now. I haven't been able to write the whole auto message so I don't know what the message has been about. Apparently my mum did hear the automated message more throughly and was saying that your broadband had been disconnected or something like that?, which was not true. Spark will not ring us or anyone regarding our broadband or our phone lines. It sounds like those phone calls about Microsoft. They say they want to look at your computer. You can say "No, but can I look at your computer?" Microsoft never rings you directly to have your computer checked.


3 days ago

John Tamihere's transport policy - does it suit you?

Todd Niall Reporter from Western Leader

Mayoral candidate John Tamihere is proposing a very different transport network if elected, including scrapping the fuel tax and new park and rides in the west . Is that the answer? Read the story below.

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5 hours ago

All students to plant 10 trees

Fiona from Henderson

Fantastic idea♥️
A new Filipino law requires all students to plant 10 trees in order to graduate.
This is something that every school, worldwide should be doing.