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October is Save Kiwi Month

The Team from Kiwis for kiwi

Only a few hundred years ago, millions of kiwi roamed Aotearoa. Today, New Zealand is home to around 70,000 kiwi, and despite efforts that number drops by 2% every year.

Save Kiwi Month is an annual celebration of all things kiwi. Join the Kiwis for kiwi Neighbourly group to learn about our national icon, find out about kiwi conservation efforts around the country, and find out how you can help make a difference to the kiwi population from the comfort of your own home >>> www.neighbourly.co.nz...

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Grow an extra row


While some Kiwis are enjoying home grown vegies, many are going without vegetables altogether.

This National Gardening Week we’re encouraging gardeners to grow-an-extra-row to share with neighbours, community pantries, food banks and other local food donation agencies.

To help get your extra row underway Yates is lending a helping hand.

Just register online HERE between 1st and 25th October to receive a FREE packet of Yates Vegie Seeds.

Once you’ve grown your vegies to share (or if you have spare now) please visit HERE to find a list of the organisations that would welcome your donation of fresh homegrown vegies.
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Why should I update my will?​

Public Trust

Just like times change, so should your will – so it’s important to keep it up to date. ​

You’ve built a life around the things and people that matter most. An up-to-date will is the best way to protect your legacy and share it with the people you love. ​

If you last made a will back in the days of cassette tapes and telethons, it may be time for an update. ​
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21 days ago

Birkenhead Avenue T3 Lane and pedestrian crossing

John Gillon from John Gillon - Kaipatiki Local Board

From Monday 18th October to Monday 22nd November, Auckland Transport will be installing a new T3 lane on Birkenhead Ave between Recreation Drive and Zion Road, and a signalised mid-block pedestrian crossing near Waratah Street.
This proposal was consulted on in March 2019, and after concerns were raised about the T3 ending too close to Onewa Road, it has been pulled back to just before Zion Road.

Once completed, the T3 lane will be operative from 6:30-10:00AM Monday-Friday.

More info: at.govt.nz...

The project includes:
* Creation of a 400m South-bound T3 lane on Birkenhead Ave from Recreation Drive to Zion Road.
* Installation of a signalised mid-block pedestrian crossing to the North of Warratah St.
* Removal of existing pedestrian crossing outside 147 Birkenhead Ave.
* Changes to the lane configuration on approach to the Onewa Rd intersection to support the transit lane.
* Relocation of bus stop from outside 98 Birkenhead Ave to outside Birkenhead War Memorial Park.
* Installation of broken yellow lines along the western kerb from 80 to 90 Birkenhead Ave, as there won’t be sufficient road width to accommodate on-street parking.
* Removal of broken yellow lines outside 147 and 149 Birkenhead Ave.

A brief history of the project:
* March 2019: AT goes out for public consultation on the T3 lane, blindsiding the Kaipātiki Local Board and MP Dan Bidois, as the project had never been mentioned in numerous transport discussions.
* March 2019: MP Dan Bidois launches a petition against the T3 lane and gains over 1000 signatures.
* April 2019: The Kaipātiki Local Board gives conditional support for the plan, as long as two changes are made: That the general lane and the T3 lane both continue around the corner onto Onewa Rd so that vehicles aren't forced to merge prior to the intersection, AND that a clearway is installed along the new T3 lane outside of T3 hours.
* May 2019: The Kaipātiki Local Board is informed by AT that they had considered 4 other options to reconfigure the intersection and provide a much better outcome that would allow the T3 lane to connect into the Onewa Rd T3 lane, but had not put them out for consultation or advised the Kaipātiki Local Board before it gave feedback. Instead it had consulted on a cheaper solution with worse outcomes. See: www.stuff.co.nz...
* November 2020: AT confirms that the T3 is going ahead with minor changes around Zion Rd, subject to funding.
* September 2021: AT confirms that funding is confirmed and that construction will begin on 18 October 2021.