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29 minutes ago

Covid-19 Business Help | Free Design Services |

MD & Founder from Terraspore

Greetings wonderful neighbours!

Times are certainly tough right now and the team at Terraspore is outreaching a helping hand to those in need the best way we know how!

Whether you're wanting to start an online home business but don't know how or an SME that is in need of marketing materials and website development, Terraspore wants to alleviate the stress covid-19 may have placed on you by providing our design services completely free of charge during level 3 & 4 lockdown! No contracts or hidden costs, it's just simply what good kiwi neighbours do!

We specialize in everything design - Graphic, Web & Product, basically, if you can dream it we can create it!

If you or someone you know could benefit from design services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here on neighbourly or on our website at If you're somewhat unsure about how we could be of help, simply contact us so we can discuss it further!

We look forward to hearing from you,

best wishes,

Callum Sutherland | MD & Founder @ Terraspore Limited

1 day ago

Coronavirus: Auckland remaining at alert level 3 until August 26

The Team Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Have you heard the news? Auckland will remain in level 3, while the rest of the country will remain at level 2 until midnight Wednesday, August 26 – an additional 12 days.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the approach is “short, but precautionary”. Extending the restrictions for an additional 12 days is the same length of the virus’ incubation period, director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said.

To read more about what this means for Auckland, click here

1 day ago

Ardern stop being bullied by COVID

Tony from Devonport

Ardern you need think outside the box of "shut-down", you need a new plan. Lock up the over 65's, make masks mandatory, open up the boarders to healthy under 50's, then you have won. Obama told you "all you can is the best for your country"?