44 days ago

How much will you miss El Greco while its kitchen is rebuilt after a fire?

Kendall Hutt Reporter from North Shore Times

Hi neighbours. El Greco on Campbells Bay's The Esplanade has been forced to close for several weeks after a fire "gutted" its kitchen on Monday night. How much will you miss the Greek and Italian eatery while it is closed?

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1 hour ago

Could the Northcote electoral seat change hands?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from North Shore Times

Hi neighbours, The Northcote electoral seat, currently held by National MP Dan Bidois, has previously been won by a small margin. Political science academic Dr Lara Greaves has analysed voting trends and demographics in the area. She weighed in on whether Labour is likely to take the seat this year. Find out what Greaves' prediction was by clicking the below link.

1 hour ago

Seeking flexitarian volunteer for conducting a project interview

Winnie from Hillcrest

Hello everyone!
My name is Winnie (Wen-Yu) Ho and I am a Masters student at The University of Auckland. I'm working on a consulting research project and would appreciate if you could volunteer your time for approximately 45 minutes for a Zoom or Skype interview for my research.
I am seeking to talk to flexitarians (anyone who has a mostly vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish; or anyone who limits their meat intake and incorporates more vegetarian meals into their diet) to understand their thoughts on vegan cheese. The interviews will be conducted between 14th of August and 20th of August 2020, but I'm happy to set up another time if those dates do not work for you. If you are a flexitarian yourself or if you know someone who is, then please let me know by messaging me or please send me an email: who572@aucklanduni.ac.nz.

Please note: This research is in no way promotional; it is for academic research purposes only and your personal information will not be used or shared. This research is governed and approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee (reference number 020535).

Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to hearing from you:)

4 hours ago

Winter Special On Benchtops, Installations And Accessories

Kev from Benchtop Installers Auckland

Hi Neighbours

Kevin and the team here from BENCHTOP INSTALLERS AUCKLAND

As we roll into the last month of winter we are pleased to be offering a 20% discount on all new bench tops including the site measure, professional installation and removal of your existing bench top.

Discounts on all sinks, taps, handles and bin units with every new benchtop ordered.

Message us through the website link today. We'll bring the samples to you and walk you through the best options from the comfort of your home in the perfect setting to allow you to match your colours and make the best decisions.

Message the team today for free no obligation quote.