49 days ago

Shopping for Older People should get priority during Co-19

Caroline from Northcote

Hi ... have been to supermarket a few times and am surprised at the number of very old and immobile people still having to queue to get into supermarkets.
I would like Countdown at Norhtcote and Birkenhead to identify these people and put them at the front of the cue.... I dont think any of us who arent in this situation would mind ( I have asked security to do this in a number of situations and they have always done so and no one complains).. what do people think... an express lane for the over 75's??

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12 minutes ago

Will you make the most of changes to DIY rules?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, how do you feel about the changes to building consent rules for low-risk home projects?

The government says the change will save homeowners time and money, but pro builder and The Block NZ foreman Peter Wolfkamp, is advising caution if you're planning a DIY sleep-out or office. Find out why, here.

7 days ago

Visiting friends/family in aged care facilities under level 2

The Team Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, have you been able to visit a loved one in an aged care facility under alert level 2?

What was the experience like?

1 hour ago

Maths in Daily Life

NumberWorks'nWords Takapuna

Have you heard your child say "Why do I ever need to know this?" Relating maths to real life can help your child understand the why!