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How to Empower Women & Girls through Service & Advocacy

Maxilyn Tudman from Zonta North Shore

At the Lake House on Saturday 30th November 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Zonta North Shore is holding an information session for women who wish to network with likeminded women who wish to make a difference to women & girls lives in their community.

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Know a helping hander?

Countdown Supermarkets

Every Countdown store in New Zealand is giving away a $500 Countdown Gift Card to a local hero. Nominate here

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Why treat veins?

Vein and Laser Group

Varicose veins are often quite symptomatic with aching, heaviness, cramp and itching. These problems may cause limitations to lifestyle choices and enjoyment of life.

Even small veins can become painful and can undermine a person's confidence and self-esteem.

Examination by our vein physician followed by an ultrasound scan will determine which treatment is required. Because segments of varicose veins may not be visible on the skin surface, as they run in a deeper plane just under the skin, an ultrasound scan is carried out prior to treatment to create a "virtual map" of the lower leg veins.

The recommended treatment depends on the initial examination by our vein physician and the scan findings.
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