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Local Community

Saul Stevens from Zomer Cafe

Zomer Cafe is owned and operated by Takapuna locals, based at 4 The Strand, Takapuna.

A little known fact about Zomer, we give 70% of our profits back to our staff in the form of a bonus! Zomer was set up as a business run by its staff, for its staff.

So if you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or just a great coffee, drop in and say hello to our wonderful team and know that you’re helping to boost the local community and economy.

We’re also available to be hired out for functions, plus our menu is hyper seasonal so we change it up every 4 weeks using only local produce 😊

We are big supporters of local community organisations, so if you're having a fundraising event please let us know!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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Home Grown Kids (Chris's in home educator)

Chris from Glenfield

I am a in home educator working under Home Grown Kids. I have vacancies for 0-5 year olds. Please take a look at my profile and if you are interested please contact me on 02102928177 or kajarja1@gmail.com. Thank you.

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2 days ago

How much will you miss El Greco while its kitchen is rebuilt after a fire?

Kendall Hutt Reporter from North Shore Times

Hi neighbours. El Greco on Campbells Bay's The Esplanade has been forced to close for several weeks after a fire "gutted" its kitchen on Monday night. How much will you miss the Greek and Italian eatery while it is closed?

1 day ago

Poll: What do you think of a school calling police on a boy who shot a toy gun?

Denise Piper Reporter from North Shore Times

A Northland school called police after a boy shot a toy plastic gun on the playground. The boy's mother says the treatment was over the top but the ministry says it was correct. What do you think?

What do you think of a school calling police on a boy who shot a toy gun?
  • 21.3% It's unfair; it was just a toy
    21.3% Complete
  • 45.7% It's reasonable; even toy guns should not be tolerated
    45.7% Complete
  • 30.9% The school should have explained its gun policy before doing this
    30.9% Complete
  • 2.1% Other (please explain in comments below)
    2.1% Complete
94 votes