1241 days ago

Takeaway Dinner

Saul Stevens from Zomer Cafe

Hi Neighbours!

At Zomer we pride ourselves in serving some of the best food in the area, and now you can have it at home!

From today you'll be able to grab a dinner to takeaway from Zomer, come in for a chat to see the selection, then take home and pop in the oven! It's fresh, convenient and easy!

We are owned and operated by Takapuna locals so we're always happy to sit down for a chat, we really want to get to know the local community. If you have any suggestions or ideas that could improve Zomer's offering please don't hesitate to let us know. You can find either Saul or Juan in the store most days, come down to The Strand and say hello!

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1 hour ago

Busting the Common myths on creating a will

Public Trust

Stewart Harvey, Principal Trustee at Public Trust Waikato, says "seizing the moment" is essential so things aren't left to chance - and it's easier than you think. Stewart had a chat with Stuff.co.nz recently, check out the article in the link below.

17 hours ago

Enhance your Outdoor Space!

Rugs Direct - North Shore

Colored and styled rugs for every room in the house! Why not for the outdoor spaces? Our collection of designed rugs from indoor to outdoor is what you are looking for. As weather changes and moves from winter to summer many of us like to enjoy summer mornings and evening hangouts sitting on the porch, deck or backyard. Adding a fashionable element seems difficult but it is not! From laidback to urban cool, add a splash just like an indoor area rug that can enhance the outlook of outdoor space as it has a character and style which can be added to even a smallest space.

When talking about outdoor space many of us just think about welcome mats, nothing more than that instead of outdoor rugs as we wonder will a rug be able to withstand the element of nature? So, the answer is Yes! Outdoor rugs are often designed and made up of material that is suitable and durable to bear the moisture and other elements. Let's learn more about the outdoor rug which will help you to add another aspect to your outdoor space.

17 hours ago

Last chance to buy Rotary Christmas puddings

Libby Boyd from Devonport Rotary Club

Just like Grandma used to make, these puddings are packed full of fruity goodness and ready to be served at Christmas or put away for a midwinter treat.

Almost 200 of these flew out the door recently at the Rotary Christmas Market and now there are just 14 left to sell. First in, first-served, so hurry now and place an order.

Please email Roy roy@dykes.co.nz to secure your puds!