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Designing an Entertainers Kitchen by Superior Renovations

Steven from Superior Renovations

Renovating can be quite a daunting decision, simply imagining the finished project in your head and then committing to it (hoping it turns out like you hoped) takes a lot of courage.

A design consultation with our in-house designers means you get advice and a visual on how the layout works, and whether other key design choices like fixtures, colour schemes, materials and textures, are the right choices and then complimented with 3D renderings – after receiving this, the end goal is ensuring you make an informed (and confident) decision to proceed with high certainty of the end result. It will also help you spot any potential design flaws or things you don’t like before making a big investment to renovate.

The digital renderings are so similar to the real end result, you can hardly tell the difference - see for yourself - check out our first design case study below (designed by our very own Dorothy Li and project managed by Jin Park)


For more information, visit our website superiorrenovations.co.nz... or call us on 0800 199 888


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Covid-19: Concern over number of positive cases on North Shore

Caroline Williams Reporter from North Shore Times

Kia ora neighbours. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is urging North Shore residents to get a Covid-19 test if they are unwell, as concern grows over cases in the area.

“If you are on the North Shore and experiencing any symptoms, even if you have been vaccinated, please do go and get a test."

She added Auckland’s cases were not confined to one part of the region.

“They are across 124 suburbs,” she said, adding that this should pay as a reminder that the Covid-19 restrictions “matter for everyone”.

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Here's a cool idea for communicating with your neighbours without technology or breaching alert level rules...

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Each household gets 3 pieces of coloured paper that can be displayed in a window or on a door that others can easily see.

- Green is for I'm OK

- Yellow is for needing help or a check-in

- Red is for an emergency

This is a safe and simple way let others know how you're doing while also looking out for others in your community.

16 hours ago

We Love swimming

Hilton Brown Swimming

And we can’t wait till we get back to doing what we do best – teaching swimming! We will reopen when the Government announces that it is safe to do so.

We help babies, children and adults feel confident in and around the water and are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all.

Touch base with us today to book in for your Free trial lesson. We have locations in both Albany and Hobsonville. The Free Trial lesson is open to all new customers
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