85 days ago

Poll: What issues have you encountered?

The Team from NZ Compare

New Year, New Connection! How's your broadband holding up?
Have you encountered any issues with your current broadband service in the past year? Share your thoughts and let's help each other out!

What issues have you encountered?
  • 22.5% Slow speeds
    22.5% Complete
  • 40.2% Unstable Connection
    40.2% Complete
  • 28.6% Expensive Monthly Bills
    28.6% Complete
  • 4.9% Bad Customer Service
    4.9% Complete
  • 3.7% Limited Coverage
    3.7% Complete
405 votes
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2 days ago

Poll: Could we live without public bins?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Many public rubbish bins are being removed by councils due to the large costs of regularly emptying them. Do you think we can adapt and live without them?

Type 'Not For Print' if you wish your comments to be excluded from the We Say You Say column of your local paper.

Could we live without public bins?
  • 12.2% Yes
    12.2% Complete
  • 87.2% No
    87.2% Complete
  • 0.6% Other - I'll share below
    0.6% Complete
1808 votes
7 minutes ago

What's On: Eastern Table Tennis Club

Shane from Epsom

Table tennis club meets every Monday night at 7.30p.m. All welcome. Annual Adult Subscription FREE. School children FREE. For more information contact Bob ph. (021) 619 619.
Eastern Table Tennis Club
  • St. Thomas' School Hall
2 hours ago

Gardening and Painting Services

Alex Linda from Alex & Linda

Our team is ready to give a makeover to your garden and a fresh paint/look to your interior and exterior of your house

Call, Text or email us for a free quote
027 944 4449

Trimming/Cutting Hedges and Trees
Digging out/Removing overgrown unwanted plants/flowers
Seasonal Clean-up/Big Garden Clean up
Mixed/Green Waste Removal
Floor and Tile Painting
Indoor/Outdoor painting
Deck/Fence Painting/Staining