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Casual Cleaners needed for One-Off cleaning Service

Susanne from Little Mermaid Cleaning Services & Home Stagings

We are a small Scandinavian Cleaning Company, who specialize in one-off cleaning jobs. We are looking for individuals/pairs/couples to join our team.

I'm also looking for a supervisor looking after organizing/team/quality check etc. to be discussed further.

We do one-off cleans, spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and cleaning for people who are either moving in or out of homes, newly built homes and renovations.
We also do Home Staging, helping with moving furniture and setting up Staging's.
Lots of variety - so the days are never the same. Most jobs will be on North Shore, but we also travel further down Auckland, West and North. Most likely we travel in my car, but you will sometime need to take your own car/transport.

Sometimes it can be quiet and other times we can be very busy, working mostly between 3 to 7 hours on the day in normal hours from 9am to 5pm during the week.

Sometimes we work on weekends and you will be paid extra. Other times there will be no work at all.

Sometimes we get very short notice, less the 24 hours to attend to a job.

We work in teams for most jobs, depending on the size of the job. Usually there will be 2-5 people on each job.

The cleaning skills include ( you can be trained up and don't need them all):

Normal house cleaning (including kitchen and bathrooms) as well our extra service that include jobs as:

 Oven Cleaning;
 Walls & Ceilings;
 Blinds;
 Carpet cleaning
 Windows;
 Water blasting / House wash;
 Lifting skills for lighter furniture (for the Home Staging part of my business).

Ideal candidate:

 English speaking;
Good communication skills and positive attitude;
 Physically strong and fit;
 Some cleaning skills/flair needed;
 Reliable, diligent and flexible;
 Own car (often if jobs further away, we go in my car)or need to take public transport to jobs or pick up places);
 Good with your phone (so I can get a prompt answer)

Work Visa a must and no cash jobs.

Supervisor position is an option, working mostly as a cleaner to start with to learn the business to know.

Please call/text me direct on 0212362284 or email me Susanne@littlemermaid.co.nz

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Police Response

Anton from Albany

My daughter was driving home from Papakura last 27 December on state highway 1 and suddenly a silver station wagon BMW changed lane and smashed the left hand side of my daughters car. The BMW fled without even stopping. My daughter was shaken and did not manage to get the rego of the fleeing vehicle. She rang 111 center and was informed that they can see my daughters car parked at the shoulder and just wait for a police officer to arrive. The police officer arrived and gathered information and was told to wait for their report.
It’s been almost a month now and we are still waiting for the report as it is needed by our insurance. We already made a follow up call the last two weeks and was told the officers will be informed of our call.
If we don’t get the rego of the fleeing vehicle our excess will be $850.
I was just wondering if such incident is treated seriously by our officers. How long will it take to review the footage given the time and location of the incident?
Please share your views on what to expect.