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It was kinda a pay-it forward kinda thing…

AMI Insurance

When Sharlene Clements heard thieves had stolen a car belonging to Denise Pearson and her son Reuben, who lives with cerebral palsy, Sharlene jumped straight to their aid. She immediately offered them a wheelchair-modified van that had been given to her business in a life-changing act of kindness.

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Make sure you know the new dog rules for this summer

The Team from Auckland Council

Auckland Council’s new Policy on Dogs 2019 and dog management bylaw is now in force across the Auckland region.

The policy relates to time and season, access, menacing dogs and multiple dog ownership rules.
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Happy Wednesday all.

The days are ticking down until my AMAZING 14 Day Healthy Breakfast Challenge.
It starts on 14th November.

-Are you a breakfast Skipper.?
- Do you grab Take Away on your way to work?
-Do you just have a Coffee or 3

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day , so let me help you start the day on point.
Drop some unwanted KG's and feel amazing,

Message me for more info OR call/Text Armelle - 022 646 5967