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Cambridge: The Kiwi town that could become the next big thing

Trupti Biradar Reporter from Stuff Travel

Cambridge is so much more than just a town you drive through. Click the link below for a few reasons to consider sticking around a bit. #backyourbackyard

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What's On: Walk Port Waikato Bus trip

Marilyn from West Harbour

Travel by bus to where the Waikato River enters the Tasman Sea and walk Sunset Beach and the dunes. More information and to register go to or phone 4169237
Walk Port Waikato Bus trip
  • Auckland Natural History Club
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Sharper Look

Bachmann Orthodontics

Some things look good from the first sight, but what is if you dig deeper, and have a look under the surface.
Can the job still be done correctly?
Is the functionality given?
Does it last forever?
It will be best if a specialist does the job.
Especially when it comes to your personal or your loved one's oral healthcare, you want to make sure that you'll get the best professional help in achieving the perfect smile. How can I make sure that I am in good hands? First of all, go to a specialist orthodontist and NOT to someone who has a special interest in orthodontics. But what is the difference between a dentist with special interests and a specialist orthodontist?
While dentists and orthodontists have a lot in common, specialisation is what sets an orthodontist apart.
What is an orthodontist?
Think of it as the difference between a painter and an artist. Your family's general dentist will be able to help you to improve your overall oral health. A specialist orthodontist is the only professionally qualified person to diagnose, prevent and treat dental or facial irregularities, and correctly align your teeth, bite and jaws.
As well as completing a five-year degree in dentistry, an orthodontist also undergoes a further 5,000 hours of specialist training in the field of orthodontics. Whether you or your child has treatment with braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign®, you need to be sure you're being treated by an orthodontist to get the best results.
That is why we can guarantee the result of our work.
Your beautiful customised Bachmannsmile.
Have you seen a non -specialist and would like a second opinion from a registered orthodontic specialist.
Feel free to make an appointment today 09 448 1128
What can we do to make you smile?
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