24 days ago

Huge fan day for GBRL Lions Tour and Oceania Cup

Helen Shaw from Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development

Come and see the best Rugby League Players in the world!
The Kiwis, GBRL Lions, Toa Samoa, Fiji Bati, Australia and Tonga Invitational XIII will be there for fans to meet and greet.

Get down to Mangere East RL Club with family and kids for signatures, selfies, giveaways and more.

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32 minutes ago

Mairangi Bay property sales to 1st November 2019

Gabrielle Elborough from Sell with Gabrielle

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Mairangi Bay, North Shore
Overview of property sales for the year to 1st November 2019

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7 days ago

Attention: Bird Lovers and people with building skills.

Chris from Mairangi Bay

We'll be rescuing now-retired local legend "The Bird Lady" Sylvia Durrant's handmade aviaries and transporting them to the park we are making at Mairangi Arts Centre to bring them back to life and use in a self-learning programme about (among other things) DIY bird first aid.

I really need help/advice on how to dismantle and re-assemble the aviaries.

I would be super grateful if anyone can help in any way.

2 hours ago

Save Your Piggy Bank.

Bachmann Orthodontics

Maybe you have heard about a cheap DIY Aligners Set to achieve a beautiful smile. Sounds good in the first place.
As specialist orthodontists and dentists, we can not recommend any treatment without the full and ongoing support of an orthodontic specialist.
Bachmann Orthodontics like to be as transparent as we can about the costs of orthodontic treatment. The fees do vary depending on the individual case and the course of treatment.
When a client decides to go ahead with treatment at Bachmann Orthodontics, we need to take an initial set of records. This includes two digital x-rays, photos, models, a detailed treatment plan and a follow-up session to discuss treatment options and preferences.
Cost $390
The cost of braces and orthodontics varies depending on individual requirements. All clients will need to be assessed by the Bachmann Orthodontics team before we can decide on the types of treatment available to the patient.
At Bachmann Orthodontic, we Offer Payment & Finance Options
Lump-sum upfront with a discount offered on the full package
Monthly instalments with NO interest charged
Ages 6 –10
Early orthodontic treatment for younger children
Space maintainer from $190
Plate, RME (upper expander), Partial braces or similar $2000 – $4200
Ages 11+ and adults
High-performance Speed brackets (upper & lower): from $8700, minor corrections as low as $3500
Invisalign from $2000 (minor corrections only one jaw) maximum $7800 (difficult cases)
Incognito (individually German custom made brackets behind your teeth) from $15,000
Clear ceramic brackets to improve aesthetics $50 per bracket
The Bachmann Orthodontic package prices cover the full cost of treatment, including all appliances, repairs and will cover all the possible complications.
The costs include the orthodontic treatment and also one year of retention checks afterwards.
As you can see, a DIY Aligners Set isn' t cheaper. What about the result?
What can we do to make you smile?