28 days ago

Sunset Road/Target Road - Public Consultation

Communications Team from Auckland Transport

Have your say at the upcoming public consultation on proposed changes to the Sunset Rd/Target Rd roundabout in Totara Vale.

The additional lanes through the roundabout will reduce travel times and improve travel time reliability for all traffic. This is important because vehicles are experiencing significant delays through this roundabout.
To find out more or provide feedback go to www.AT.govt.nz... or call (09) 355 3553.

If you would like to speak in person, go to the public drop-in session at

Date: 4th November 2019

Time: 4PM – 8PM

Location: Reformed Church of the North Shore, 76 Trias Rd, Totara Vale.

Feedback is open until 10th November 2019.


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6 days ago

Swimming warnings at Auckland beaches

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Auckland Council has alerted beach-goers to 39 city spots that have a "high risk" of illness from swimming.

The warnings come after yesterday's deluge of rain that overloaded parts of the storm and wastewater networks. A black alert indicating a very high risk of illness from swimming was issued for Castor Bay just after 3pm yesterday.

It's recommended that people do not enter the water while the warnings are in place.
Check here to see where's safe to swim.
Source: NZ Herald

11 days ago

Attention: Bird Lovers and people with building skills.

Chris from Mairangi Bay

We'll be rescuing now-retired local legend "The Bird Lady" Sylvia Durrant's handmade aviaries and transporting them to the park we are making at Mairangi Arts Centre to bring them back to life and use in a self-learning programme about (among other things) DIY bird first aid.

I really need help/advice on how to dismantle and re-assemble the aviaries.

I would be super grateful if anyone can help in any way.

9 hours ago

Oil from waste plastic

Vernon from Northcross

Suppose you could take waste plastic (plastic not suitable for recycling), and turn it all into oil? And do it with a system that is inexpensive to operate, environomentally friendly (no green house gases escape into the atmosphere), and requires very little external energy to operate.
There is already a system that has been in use for years and it is called PYROLYSIS.
You can google pyrolysis and get details and a wealth of information about it, so I am not going to try to explain it here, except to say that plastic is made from oil, and hydrolysis basically reverses the process used to make plastic and turns the plastic molecules back into the hydrocarbon molecules of oil that the plastic was made from.
It is in use in over 50 countries, including the United States, UK, and many third world countries.
Except for the cost of collecting it, the feedstock (waste) is free, and we are already paying to collect it. Landfills would be drastically reduced. Carbon emissions would be reduced by not incinerating waste. Reliance on imported oil would be reduced.

Every year New Zealand generates over 5-million used tyres. Copy and paste the below URL to your browser for more information.


The government allocated funding awards of about 18-million dollars for projects to handle the tyre problem. And they get nothing back from it.
Pyrolysis plants can be customised for processing used tyres to oil.
From my research, approximately 2kg of plastic will yield 1 litre of oil. I'm not sure what the recovery is for tyres, but have emailed a company that produces the plants for that info.

I have informed the Green party of this over a year ago, and was advised that they would "kick it up" to a higher level for discussion. Never heard a word since. I put together extensive research documents and data and sent it to every member of the Auckland council. I had a "thank you, we're always looking for ways to handle waste", but nothing since. That was last year. I have tried to get the Herald to publish a feature article on it, but no joy there either.
My challenge to you is to do some investigating (googling) on pyrolysis and if you think New Zealand should catch up with the rest of the world (even the third world countries) in waste management technology, email or phone your MP and local counciler and urge them to at least look at the technology.
I have no commercial or finanacial interest in pyrolysis. I do have an interest in reducing he need for landfills, reducing the amount of plastic that is going into the ocean, and reducing the green house gas emissions from incineration of municipal waste.