54 days ago

advice needed for neighbour issue

John from Sunnynook

My neighbour came into our yard to cut some plants without our conscent. The plants were planted out of both their and our yard but the branches were growing into our yard, and some of those branches were climbed onto their deck. He left all cutted leaves and branches in our yard and said they helped us to cut them because those plants were belong to us. They said they will clean the branches they cut by next Tuesday after we argued with them. Meanwhile,we found that he broke one small tree we planed in our yard few years ago. Can anyone give some advices that what we can do next? What can we do if they dont clear the leaves and branches before Tuesday. Do we have the right to ask them clean our yard immidiately? Thank you for any advice.

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3 hours ago

Fix your Varicose Veins

The Vein Centre

The Vein Centre is a varicose and spider vein clinic in North Shore, Auckland dedicated to safe, non-surgical treatments for varicose and spider veins. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in various minimally invasive treatment options like endovenous laser ablation, Venaseal (glue), sclerotherapy and VeinGogh.

With the newest vein laser supplied with a radial fibre, the treatment of varicose veins has never been so effective.

Affiliated with Southern Cross, NIB and other insurance providers.
No GP referral is necessary.

Check out our website www.theveincentre.co.nz
Email: info@theveincentre.co.nz
Phone (09) 4445858
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Support your local community with My Challenge

Challenge Fuel

My Challenge is a rewards programme designed to make a difference.

You can earn points, save on fuel with discounts and support your local community by donating your points or discounts.
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7 days ago

Attention: Bird Lovers and people with building skills.

Chris from Mairangi Bay

We'll be rescuing now-retired local legend "The Bird Lady" Sylvia Durrant's handmade aviaries and transporting them to the park we are making at Mairangi Arts Centre to bring them back to life and use in a self-learning programme about (among other things) DIY bird first aid.

I really need help/advice on how to dismantle and re-assemble the aviaries.

I would be super grateful if anyone can help in any way.