47 days ago

How does the rise in water charges affect you?

Caroline Williams Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours. From July, water and wastewater prices are going up in Auckland. For an average three-person household, the price hike will increase the water and wastewater charges by $2.30 a month. How will the rise in prices affect you? What do you think the additional money you have to fork out would be better spent on?
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9 hours ago

We found missing Hairdresser Nicole

Nicole Carolyn Lisa Hannah Thomas & Jo from Hairnow on Apollo Ltd

Nicole from Westgate is happily working at Hainow on Apollo. So if you lost her now she is found and you can call us to make your booking or phone 478 5379. We look forward to reuniting you with a warm welcome.


2 days ago

Moving out Cleaning service Required

Kalpana from Bayview

Looking for moving out cleaning service.
Any suggestions or recommended persons.. please comment there contact details. Will contact them personally. Urgently required on July 26th in Bayview.

17 hours ago

Owner's warning after dog nearly dies after eating rat poison

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

An Auckland dog owner is warning of the dangers rat bait can cause after her beloved pet nearly died after ingesting it twice.

Tracy Leach said her 8-year-old golden retriever Daisy first got sick about four weeks ago on their rural property in Glenbrook, south of Auckland.

She bounced back pretty quickly but Leach started to notice she was vomiting constantly and consuming a lot of water - causing her to take Daisy back to the vet.

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