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We Say/You Say: Should the Hauraki Gulf be protected?

Abby Irwin Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Kia ora neighbours,

A new poll released by the Hauraki Gulf Forum has found there is overwhelming public support for more measures to protect and restore the Hauraki Gulf/Tīkapa Moana.

Of over 1000 respondents, 81% said they love and have a very strong attachment to the Gulf, including its beaches, shorelines and islands. The greatest public concerns for the health of the Gulf are plastics (73% of respondents said this had the most negative impact), sewage (72%), chemicals (70%), and commercial fishing (63%).

Methods proposed to protect the Gulf include planting all waterways, re-establishing lost shellfish-beds and reefs, and banning fishing methods such as dredging and bottom-trawling that damage the sea-floor. 84% of respondents supported these actions, with less than 3% in opposition.

Do you love being in/around the Gulf, and do you think it should be protected? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comment featured in the conversations section of the East & Bays Courier.

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What's On: Meditate in Mt Eden

Michelle from Mount Eden

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Meditate in Mt Eden
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Toni-Kim from Henderson

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A Curious Madman in Bunnings

Brown Brothers Repairs - 022 411 2780

So I'm in Bunnings and I can't find the clouts. I ask the smart-looking young dude in the Bunnings uniform where I can find the clouts. He tells me he'll just pop over and ask the tool department guys where to find them. I think nothing of this and wander some distance behind, perusing the Stanley tape-measure stand, etc., as I amble along. After a few minutes I can't help but overhear the conversation between my smart-looking helper-outer and the technical-looking tool-man growing slightly heated. The tool guy seems utterly bewildered, leans closer to my helper-outer and asks in a perplexed tone:

"And the customer spelled this out for you?"
"That's what he says he wants!"

At this point I have to intervene, being equally befuddled. (I couldn't make this up and I wouldn't if I could). They both focus in on me like I am some curious madman and my helper-outer, in an exasperated voice, asks:

"You did say you wanted "clouds", didn't you?".