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'Do-up' property with $1 reserve fetches good price

Colleen Hawkes Reporter from Homed

The owners banked their retirement on a $1 reserve. But they needn't have worried. Would you be this brave?

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4 hours ago

Celebrating International Day of Older Persons

The Team from Office for Seniors

Today is the International Day of Older Persons! It's an important day for everyone to recognize and say thank you to older people for their amazing contributions to the world, from mentoring and volunteering, to sharing experience, being in paid work and much more.

To acknowledge the occasion, we have just released our October SuperSeniors Newsletter, you can read it here: bit.ly...

The day is also special as it marks the start of the WHO’s Decade of Healthy Ageing 2020 to 2030, you can find out more about it here: bit.ly...

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Auckland turns pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Community News

For the first time, Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge and the Queen Street Lights will be lighting up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, in support of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s (BCFNZ) annual Pink Ribbon Street Appeal.

Vector Lights and Queen Street Lights will be joining Sky Tower in Auckland, along with dozens of other landmarks around the country, to take part in the Global Illuminations campaign – which sees landmarks and sculptures in 140 countries bathed in pink to promote global awareness of breast cancer.

The Sky Tower has been a long-standing partner of the campaign, taking part every year since it launched in 2000.

Each year, around 1,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Auckland, and sadly 174 will die of breast cancer in the region annually.

Councillor Alf Filipaina said it is an important mahi (work) to support.

“Māori and Pasifika women are at greater risk of dying from breast cancer than any other ethnicity. As the largest Polynesian city in the world it is important for us to champion the kaupapa (purpose) around breast cancer awareness,” he said.

“That’s why I’m delighted that Vector Lights, our smart energy showcase for Auckland, will be joining other global landmarks in lighting up pink to support the great mahi the Breast Cancer Foundation do. If more women go and get screened as a result of seeing the Harbour Bridge lit up pink, then that is a great result.”

The campaign runs for the entire month of October and ends with BCFNZ’s major fundraising event, Pink Ribbon Street Appeal on 30 and 31 October.

Sky Tower will be in pink from 1 to 4 October, Queen Street Lights joins in 1 to 9 October, and Vector Lights will be pink from 12 to 18 October.

Money raised through the appeal will fund research into new targeted treatments, life-saving awareness initiatives, education programmes, and support for New Zealanders going through breast cancer.

3 hours ago

Missing French teen Eloi Rolland: Parents plead for information as son turns 19

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours. The parents of missing French teenager Eloi Rolland are pleading for information on his whereabouts on what is his first birthday since his disappearance.

Rolland should have been celebrating his 19th birthday surrounded by friends and family in France on Thursday, but he has not been seen or heard from since CCTV spotted him in West Auckland on March 7.

Rolland’s parents Thierry and Catherine Rolland, who have been unable to travel to New Zealand due to the coronavirus pandemic, posted a renewed call for information on West Auckland’s community Facebook pages.

Written as if it were coming from their son, the post read: “Today, Thursday, [I turn] 19 years old. But I am a missing person. My parents are looking for me, their heart is with me and [they] hope to find me safe and sound.
I am appealing for witnesses, if since my disappearance I have been seen or spoken to by anyone, please inform my family or the NZ Police [sic]."