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Rochelle from Point Chevalier

My elderly cat Oscar (18) was attacked yesterday by yet another irresponsible owner who obviously can't deal with the simple things in life, like putting a lead on their dog when out walking it.

He was attacked in front of our house. I do not know whether he will survive from this attack by a dog which looks very similar to a bull mastiff.

Absolutely sick to death of people not keeping their dogs on a lead and not keeping it under control.

It is against the law to not have your dog on a lead in public.

This is the second time in a year that one of my furs has been attacked by a dog with it's owner there with it. Taylah (dog) was attacked while we were out walking (my dog was on a lead) by one of our fellow neighbours dogs a labrador, who clearly thinks that dog regulation rules don't apply to her when she goes out walking.

Same as the lady yesterday whose dog attacked my cat.

I have seen two, TWO dogs this morning out for their morning stroll - and guess what! Both were off lead.

If I see you AND your dog off lead, I will now be taking a photo and lodging a complaint with Animal Management.

If you walk your dog off lead, I suggest you think twice about doing it. Take some personal responsibility about dog ownership. If your dog is registered you will in fact know you are breaking the law by not having it on a lead and under control.

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