Mount Albert, Auckland

2 days ago

Do libraries matter?

James Pasley from Central Leader

Hey neighbours,

With Auckland Libraries currently restructuring I was wondering what everyone thought about their library.

Do you use the library? If so, what for? Is there anything you would want changed with the current libraries? Anything you think needs to remain? Do you think libraries still matter?

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7 days ago

Repair Cafe electrician

Ellen Neighbourly Lead from Sandringham

Our community group Gribblehirst Hub is busy organising a free Repair Cafe for next Sunday from 2-4pm. This allows people to get all sorts of stuff repaired that usually would be thrown away as not financially viable to repair.
Great cause!!

Unfortunately I just got a message from our local registered electrician that he has to pull out due to family emergency he has to go overseas.

We now URGENTLY need a good soul of a registered electrician to help out next Sunday 30.4. We need to ensure H&S our volunteer repairers have a bit of technical advise and someone who may do more difficult repairs or tag&test.
Anyone out there who knows a good spirited electrician or can provide some volunteer time?
Thanks a lot. E