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Poll: Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

With Covid-19 still a very real risk, people who are unwell are told to stay home, and to keep any sickly kids home too - but what if you don't have any more sick leave owing?

Most Kiwis are entitled to five days of sick leave a year, but some - often those in lower paid jobs - get less.

New Zealand’s minimum sick leave allowance is one of the lowest in the OECD. In Australia they get 10 days, in most European countries it’s even more.

Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

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Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?
  • 59.7% Yes, five days is not enough
    59.7% Complete
  • 14.3% No, I never use mine up anyway
    14.3% Complete
  • 25.9% Entitlement should be assessed on a case-by-case basis
    25.9% Complete
5716 votes
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9 hours ago

What local business will you be supporting in Alert Level 3?

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Auckland will shift down to alert level 3 lockdown at midnight tonight.

Businesses will be able to operate using contactless options for ordering, pick-up, delivery and payment.

The financial blow of Covid-19 lockdowns on business has been harsh.

Are you planning to support a local business in alert level 3, and if so which one?

8 hours ago

Meadowbank Toastmasters - ONLINE tonight!

Barry Shaw from Meadowbank Toastmasters

So many people say they are scared of speaking "in public".
There is a joke that many people would prefer to be dead rather than give a speech!
That's hard!
Instead, come along and see how Toastmasters can help you learn the right skills to present a speech well ....and have fun doing so!

Ready to learn and grow?And succeed?

See you tonight ONLINE on ZOOM.
Meeting ID: 865 3250 8862

Passcode: 112848

(Phone Barry on 027-270-7144, if you have any difficulty connecting to the ZOOM meeting.)

4 days ago

Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre making Stuff news (must read )

Leanne from Mount Wellington

Two-week stay in dirty, bug infested MIQ room ‘unbelievable’
This is owned by us the community that live it the Mt Wellington Licensing Trust area.
I would like the Chief Executive Brent Robinson & the 6 elected board members (elected by us the community every 3 years ) to explain how this has been allowed to happen.

Here a few of the complaints.

1/ Dirt smeared on the telephone.

2/ Weeks of dust build- up in the grates of the fan and the back of the TV

3/ Food was awful most of the meals where inedible and arrived cold.

4/ Spiders in the shower and hole in the wall that ants trailed through into the bathroom.

5/ Room not vacuumed properly

Would you pay $3100.00 for this 2 week experience????

From what I read into this the Hotel is going to rack & ruin and will be worthless to us the community.

The CE & the 6 elected board members need to be held accountable as they are the caretakers to protect our biggest asset.

Thank goodness there is another election next year.

Please give some consideration to stand as a board member to protect our asset as clearly these people are NOT