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14 hours ago

Urgently seeking 2/3 bedroom accom MID OCT

Wendy from Torbay - Long Bay

Hi, due to redundancies and change of living circumstances, we are urgently seeking 2 (or 3) bedroom temp accom options (granny flat, cabin, house/unit), in good/tidy and warm condition initially for temporary short term period. Minimal cost or free in exchange for jobs around the place.
To suit 3 people and a 14yo house trained cat. Appreciate any suggestions- thanks.

4 hours ago

Being Kiwi: Have you experienced racism?

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

New Zealand is renowned for being friendly and welcoming but is that true for everyone?

Stuff is asking readers to share their experiences of racism by taking part in this short survey.

Being Kiwi is a project looking at the experiences of life in New Zealand for people of all cultures. It calls for the collection of official statistics on hate crimes, looks at discrimination in our schools and takes a stroll through Auckland, now one of the most diverse cities in the world.

To take part in the survey, click here

1 day ago

Poll: Should Auckland build a monorail?

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Hello neighbours,

Auckland mayoral candidate Craig Lord wants to build a monorail to solve the Super City's transport woes, however the plan has been rubbished by Auckland Transport.

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Should Auckland build a monorail?
  • 64.1% Yes
    64.1% Complete
  • 35.9% No
    35.9% Complete
866 votes