38 days ago

Covid-19 champions: Sleeping in a drop-in centre to make sure community is fed

Josephine Franks Reporter from Manukau Courier

Kia ora neighbours, Debbie Munroe from Waka of Caring is Stuff's Covid Champion today.
Debbie has been sleeping in the drop-in centre since lockdown started, handing out food parcels, getting people into emergency housing and being an all-round hero.
Read more about Debbie via the link below.

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2 hours ago

Peter William’s Natural Joint Secret

Koru Nutrition

Peter Williams reports a natural cream that supports his joints and helps to keep him active.

“When I get up in the morning, I want to know that my joints are healthy, flexible and ready for the day.”

“I recommend Koru FX cream by Koru Nutrition. It’s New Zealand made, natural, fast acting and long lasting. It has become NZ’s #1 fastest growing topical joint and muscle support cream and I can see why.”

“Ask for Koru Nutrition’s Koru FX cream next time you’re in the pharmacy and try it for yourself.”
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6 hours ago

Stealing from cars .

Mike from Mount Wellington

This young man with a crime of a mustache was out stealing from cars Thursday night around midnight. Banks road
He stole nothing of great value but my sons upset you took his bag hopefully you need the 5yo boy clothes.

1 day ago

Ginger tabby found on Wallace Rd

Rachel from Papatoetoe

Hiya, beautiful Papatoetoe people. ♥

It is on a sad note I inform you that someone's beautiful ginger kitty was hit tonight on Wallace Rd 😞 Description: About 1-2 years old, ginger tabby.

I didn't witness the incident, but rather I found him/her on my way home from work this evening. I picked the little darling up, and laid it on the berm (on the left side of the road, not far down from New World.)

For obvious reasons I didn't take photos; if this is your furbaby I am so, so sorry for your loss 😞 I prayed over this baby, and pray you too will find comfort in this grief and loss ♥