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45 minutes ago

What's On: Golf Croquet- Manurewa

Beth from Takanini

Try golf croquet. We play Tues,Thurs, $Sat Mornings from 9am and Wed from 2.30pm. We offer free basic coaching to newcomers. Phone Paddy 267 3211 or Lyn/Snow 2681105
Golf Croquet- Manurewa
  • Manurewa Croquet Club
1 hour ago

What's On: Manurewa croquet Club Open Days

Beth from Takanini

2nd Tuesday monthly December-March. Wear casual clothing and flat shoes. Mallets and refreshments provided. Ph Paddy 2673211 or Lyn?Snow 2681105 .
Manurewa croquet Club Open Days
  • Manurewa Croquet Club
4 hours ago

Law to Make Eviction of Tenants Harder / Ban Rental Bidding / Tetting Tenants Add Minor Fittings

Maxim from Papatoetoe

The Government will end no-cause evictions and ban rental bidding in an upcoming reset of rental laws. It will also limit rent rises to once a year, up from the current limit of once every six months.

Key changes include letting tenants add minor fittings to the property, such as brackets to secure furniture against earthquake risk, to baby proof the property, install visual fire alarms and doorbells, and hang pictures.

"These reforms of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (RTA) deliver on the Government's promise to address out-dated rules for rental accommodation, and are part of our plan, in conjunction with our coalition partners, to improve wellbeing for many new Zealanders who rent their homes," Kris Faafoi said in a statement to Stuff.

Currently landlords can end periodic tenancies without cause as long as they give tenants 90 days of notice. If a landlord wishes to move in to or sell the property that notice period can be halved to 42 days.

Under the Government's planned changes landlords will have to provide some reason to end the tenancy - including selling the property, demolishing it, or changing how it is used.

They will also be able to use a new "anti-social behaviour" clause to move on problematic tenants if three complaints are received about the tenant's behaviour in a 90-day period and an application is made to the tenancy tribunal.

Rent being paid more than five working days late three times or more in a 90-day period would also be a valid reason, although this too would require a trip to the tribunal.

When a tenancy is ended for a valid reason, such as a landlord selling a house, they will now need to provide 63 days of notice - up from 42.

Rent rises will be limited to once a year, up from six months now.And "rental bidding" would be explicitly banned, and landlords listing properties will have to explicitly set out what the rent is.

Andrew King from the New Zealand Property Investors Federation(NZPIF) penned an op-ed (paywalled) earlier this year warning that “neighbourhoods around the country will have to put up with antisocial, loud and offensive behaviour from difficult tenants if the government removes the 90 day notice period for evictions.”

He also said such evictions were a last resort, citing a survey of NZPIF members that found that “many had never issued such a notice and of those who had, most had only issued one over the past five years.”

How do you feel about these changes?

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