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19 minutes ago

DR X-ray system is here!

Veterinarian from Pet Vets Papatoetoe

Pet Vets Papatoetoe is pleased to share the exciting upgrade of our radiology set up to DR system.
Direct Radiology is the latest in the digital imaging and is only available in select veterinary practices in Auckland. It enables us to get much detailed and faster X-Rays from our patients and hence enhancing the level of patient care to the next level!

1 day ago

Poll: Do you support a sugar tax?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Manukau Courier

Hi neighbours, an international report has ranked NZ's child obesity rate second-worst in the OECD with 39 per cent of Kiwi kids overweight or obese. Unicef is now calling for the Government to introduce a sugar tax to curb the problem. Would you support this? What do you think needs to be done about child obesity? Read the full story here:

Do you support a sugar tax?
  • 33.3% Yes
    33.3% Complete
  • 30.3% No, the Government shouldn't police what people eat
    30.3% Complete
  • 33.3% No, education would be more effective than a tax
    33.3% Complete
  • 3% Other (I'll tell you in the comments)
    3% Complete
66 votes
2 days ago

Get fit for FREE!

Sarah Moore from Froot Camp

Hi neighbours - wanna get fit for summer? Froot Camp is a boot camp that's been running in Auckland Domain for three years - and it's completely free. Come and train in Auckland's most beautiful park and get fit with a bunch of fun, supportive and friendly peeps.

We train 6pm Tuesday and Thursdays and 9am Saturday (whatever the weather)

It's a great bunch of people and you couldn't train in a more beautiful spot. All fitness levels welcomed, and encouraged. You don't need to get fit before you come, we're here to help you do that.

Questions? Ask below!
Get fit now