28 days ago

What do you think of Auckland's election billboards?

Josephine Franks Reporter from Central Leader

Suddenly you can't move in Auckland for massive billboards plastered with wannabe politicians and their not-so-catchy slogans.

Lots are bad, but some are worse - so we've compiled an unscientific and non-exhaustive ranking.

Have you seen any particularly good (or bad) billboards? Let us know in the comments (add NFP if you don't want it published).

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1 day ago

What are your thoughts on Royal Oak roundabout getting an upgrade?

Mandy Te Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, Royal Oak roundabout could be getting a potential $1m upgrade. In the past five years, there have been 61 crashes at the roundabout. To make it safer, Auckland Transport has suggested a new shape for the roundabout, raised traffic islands, raised speed tables, and new road markings and signage. What do you think needs to be done about the roundabout?

Please add NP if you do not wish for your comments to be in print.

13 hours ago


Yvonne from Onehunga

tonight i had a knock on the door it was7pm i opened the door to see a young man about 18 or so standing there with a redcross on his shirt on the left lapel{ IT WAS VERY DARK OUTSIDE}he mumbled something about collecting for Red cross i said i dont give money at the door as i dont have any and finished with telling him isnt it a bit late to be door knocking, he just shrugged and mumbled something that sounded like Whatever . i then stepped back inside and he went out the gate slamming it behind him I LOCKERD THE DOOR has anyone else in the grey st area had a visit from this person??i believe Red Cross is not doing door knocking anymore

2 hours ago

What are your best edible crops for pots and small spaces?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Our gardens are getting smaller, so NZ Gardener wants to come up with some suggestions for edible crops that do well in pots and small spaces! Suggest the crops that have done well for you (ideally specify a variety) and tell other keen gardeners how you grew them, how they performed for you, and any practical advice you would pass on to ensure a great result with that crop, and any secret tips you are prepared to pass on! If your tip is used in the magazine, you'll receive a free copy... And of course the glory of being in New Zealand's favourite gardening magazine! Click on the link to send us your best tips.