1382 days ago

ViKi Cafe is dead, long live Chi Chi Kitchen?

Jonathan from Onehunga

So, Rawhiti Rd’s renowned ViKi Cafe is gone, replaced by Chi Chi Kitchen at the start of this month. ViKi’s special mixed pho was said to be the best in Auckland - but despite planning to try it for months, we didn’t get to it. Now we never will.

Tonight, on returning from our beach holiday, we got takeaway tofu and mushroom summer rolls, beef pho (we actually ordered chicken pho, but no matter) and beef salad from Chi Chi Kitchen. It was okay, but nothing special (meat a bit tough), and I’d prefer my dipping sauce on the side rather than mixed in.

The menu is short and simple at present, which is a sensible start. They say they will add six more dishes next week, and are keen for feedback.

It’s early days yet - anyone able to offer a more informed comparison?

(For anyone who is loving Vietnamese food as much as me at present, I can recommend the outstanding Le Vietnamese Kitchen in Ponsonby Rd, and can lend my copy of The Best of AA Gill).

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7 hours ago

Two cats looking for new homes

David from Onehunga

“Missy” is a dear wee girl with the softest fur and a tiny white tip to her tail. She will purr happily on a lap, might be 7 -8 years old, is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, with no known health issues. She has lived all her life in Western Springs, but cannot go with her people to their retirement apartment. She would love to be the only cat of an older person.
Similarly, “Blackie” would love to find a forever home. He is a handsome young fella of about 2, with no known health issues. As the newcomer, he gets on OK with the other cats in the household. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, living in Western Springs, and like “Missy” cannot go with his people to their retirement apartment.

Contact Patricia on 021399289

5 hours ago

Contactless Shopping 🛍

The Team from Red Cross Shop Onehunga

Looking for Christmas gifts?
We have some new bags and more in stock ranging from $5-$8. Give us a call on 09-622-1565 or visit us Onehunga RedCross 200 Onehunga mall. Yes we surely do contactless purchases😉

15 hours ago

Who’ll get my record collection?

Public Trust

We all have special things we want to protect and share with the people we love when we pass away. It could be your record collection, perhaps some artwork, or even that classic car you’ve spent so long restoring. If it’s important to you, put it in your will. ​

An up-to-date will is the best way to protect your legacy – and your prized possessions. ​

If you last made a will when disco was all the rage, it’s time for an update. ​
Find out more