59 days ago

$500 Reward if you find Piper?

Bill from Hillcrest

Our white/grey Burmilla cat Piper is still missing from our house at 5 Cobblestone Lane (Hillcrest). She's an indoor cat so not used to being outdoors at all and may have gotten trapped somewhere. If you see her please call Jo on 021 591 592 or Bill on 021 591 591. $500 reward for safe return.

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8 minutes ago

Beautiful Aqua

Georgiana from Glenfield

This is one of those if you don’t ask you will never know posts. And please keep all negative comments to yourself. This gorgeous girl is called Aqua, and she is an 18-week-old purebred black German Shepherd puppy. Aqua has been lame for about 4 weeks and is not getting any better. It is thought that Aqua has a condition called Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP). The right front elbow looks quite badly affected and will need an operation costing approximately $2000. I am currently trying to raise some money towards her operation. A highly intelligent girl who is fully toilet trained, tether trained, semi lead trained, stop trained, come trained. She is very affectionate and is going to be a large assertive dog of great beauty. Aqua is free to an excellent home who is willing to cover the cost of her operation (I will help as much as i can) AND she must be spayed. If anyone has any questions or wants to discuss further, please message me or say so in the comments and I will put you in touch. No time wasters please, must be genuine enquires. Georgiana 0211087655

8 hours ago

Say goodbye to tyre waste


About 40% of the 6.5 million tyres Kiwis use every year are recycled, repurposed, or used as tyre-derived fuel. But the rest end up in landfills, stockpiled or dumped.

The good news is now there’s an easy solution to all that tyre waste. It’s called Tyrewise and is New Zealand’s first national tyre recycling scheme.

Tyrewise ensures that tyres in Aotearoa New Zealand are recycled or repurposed properly, saving millions from going to the landfill.

Find out more about the scheme online.
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13 hours ago

Anzac Day

The Team from Red Cross Shop Wairau Park

Lest we forget!
As a tribute to Anzac heroes our doors at Red Cross Shop Wairau Park will be closed on 25 April. The rest of the week we are open as usual (Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm)

13/18 Link Drive, Wairau Park