45 days ago

How much will you miss El Greco while its kitchen is rebuilt after a fire?

Kendall Hutt Reporter from North Shore Times

Hi neighbours. El Greco on Campbells Bay's The Esplanade has been forced to close for several weeks after a fire "gutted" its kitchen on Monday night. How much will you miss the Greek and Italian eatery while it is closed?

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9 hours ago

Ardern stop being bullied by COVID

Tony from Devonport

Ardern you need think outside the box of "shut-down", you need a new plan. Lock up the over 65's, make masks mandatory, open up the boarders to healthy under 50's, then you have won. Obama told you "all you can is the best for your country"?

21 hours ago

Covid-19 broad brush scenario

Tony from Devonport

DHB advise deaths in NZ were all over 65. If over 65's were placed in level 4, not just in rest homes, then the few under 65 who were infected (like flu) would recover and the economy would continue. Death rates to infections 60-69 = 1.6%, 70-79 = 8.75% 80-89 = 23.3% 90+ = 56%. Total serous infections worldwide 65,000, your thoughts.

2 days ago

Supermarkets urge calm as queues build ahead of Covid-19 lockdown

Josephine Franks Reporter from North Shore Times

Kia ora neighbours, queues outside supermarkets have returned to previous lockdown levels, but shoppers are being urged not to panic buy.
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