106 days ago

A heartfelt request

Linda from Northcote

`PLEASE please do NOT stockpile and bulk buy goods. There is absolutely no need to do this. At no time in the forseeable future is the food going to run out. IF you need to self isolate or quarantine for whatever reason, it is possible to order goods online or via phone through Countdown and New World and have these things delivered to your door. Be mindful that panic buying (a) serves no actual purpose at all (b) is not necessary and (c) is depriving vulnerable people including the elderly of items they need right now, let alone in a time of crisis. Please use your common sense and ask first "do I need all of this now and, if so, why?" If the answer is No, then just shop as you normally would - whether in person, online or via phone.

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12 hours ago

Home Grown Kids (Chris's in home educator)

Chris from Glenfield

I am a in home educator working under Home Grown Kids. I have vacancies for 0-5 year olds. Please take a look at my profile and if you are interested please contact me on 02102928177 or kajarja1@gmail.com. Thank you.

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15 hours ago

Beware of these renovator guys!!

Wee Lu from Birkenhead

Dear neighbours beware!

In Feb, I engaged a renovator called DYNAMIC RENOVATIONS LIMITED (company # 7854736) for a project.
Work was going on fine and hence, I made further payments to complete the works after the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted.

Then in mid-June, the 2 key personnel of the company became uncontactable, leaving the job half-completed. The server hosting the company website and email addresses were taken down too!


Please leave me a private message if any of you know these persons.

3 days ago

How much will you miss El Greco while its kitchen is rebuilt after a fire?

Kendall Hutt Reporter from North Shore Times

Hi neighbours. El Greco on Campbells Bay's The Esplanade has been forced to close for several weeks after a fire "gutted" its kitchen on Monday night. How much will you miss the Greek and Italian eatery while it is closed?