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Free Consultation and free stress relief head massage

Evergreen from Evergreen Natural Health Epsom Clinic

We offer free consultation and free stress relief head massage. (Limited 5 persons per day, by appointment. First-in, first served).

Most people now days lead very fast-paced lives. Stress and anxiousness have become a part of everyone’s daily experiences.

Concerning mental health has been on the rise, as a team of natural health clinic practitioners we deeply understand what information some people really need to have their body and mind well cared, especially in dealing with mental health challenges.

Symptoms of anxiety often reflected in the digestive system.

Please check the following symptoms to see if you have any of them.

Symptoms of digestion problem:

1. Heart burn

2. bad breath

3. Bloating and burping

4. irritable bowel and incomplete bowel movement

5. Explosive diarrhea

6. Being overweight

7. Low appetite

8. Food cravings and comfort eating

Mental/mind anxiety caused by stress:

1. Fearful: dark, strangers, being left alone

2. Over- worried, over- thinking, busy mind.

3. Irritability

4. Easily moved to tears

5. Trembling, feelings of restlessness, unable to relax

6. Impatient, easily frustrated mood

7. Sleeping problem

8. Difficulty in concentration, poor memory

9. Tinnitus, and/or blurring of vision

10. Feeling of weakness, fainting

11. Palpitations

12. Feel chest constrained, choking feeling, shortness of breath.

13. Comfort eating and/or food cravings.

At Evergreen Natural Health Epsom Clinic, we have qualified and experienced natural health care team with expertise in integrated mental health consultation, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, herbal formulas, and relaxation/therapeutic massage, to provide comprehensive treatment of anxiety/depression associated with any digestion problem.

Some health insurance companies can cover the costs of anxiety/depression treatments in the clinic.

Talk to us today to find out the personalised treatment strategy for your conditions.

Call Toll-Free 0508 EVERGREEN (383 747) , then press 1 to the clinic.

Email: evergreenclinic.auckland@gmail.com

Website: www.evergreenclinic.co.nz...

Address: 463A Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023

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