43 days ago

Warrant of Fitness extensions to expire

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Waka Kotahi (NZTA) is urging the 620,000 motorists with temporary Warrant of Fitness extensions to get their vehicles checked before October 10.

The NZTA issued an extension to WoFs during COVID-19 Alert Level 4, allowing motorists to operate their vehicles during this time.

What you need to know:

- Book a WoF as soon as possible with your local mechanics to avoid delay.

- In a statement, MTA reported that there here may be a higher fail rate with some vehicles not been checked for over 12 months.

- Other documents with temporary extensions: CoFs, regos, vehicle certifications, and driver licenses.

- MTA reports that a total of 1.62 million inspections need to be completed between now and October 31.

For more information on temporary documentation extensions, see the NZTA Website.
Click here for more information on the WoF inspection process.

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18 days ago

Tanks for doing your part

The Team from Auckland Council

Act now to beat the water shortage:
• Install a rainwater tank (resource consent fees waived).
• Maintain your tank (check guttering is clear).
• Install water saving devices (shower head/taps).
• Install a water sensor to monitor your usage.

3 days ago

Don’t miss your collection day!

The Team from Auckland Council

Due to the long weekend, the council's kerbside collections will be one day later from 26 – 31 October.

6 hours ago

Halloween QR Codes

Anna from Remuera

For those of you intending to run with Halloween and trick or treating this year, I have been thinking through how best to manage things as safely as possible. I'll be investing in a huge bottle of sanitiser I think for all door knockers and perhaps dishing out (wrapped) treats with tongs myself. But most important I figured is the contact tracing. I just went on the Covid-19 website and it was an easy peasy process to apply for our own QR code. I just skipped the two bits that wanted some sort of business identification number and it all went through ok. Apparently it will be a couple of days before I am emailed the poster though, so do it before next weekend if you're wanting it for then. I debated about having a clipboard for those groups of children who don't have an adult or a smartphone with them but I'm thinking they wouldn't be comfortable leaving contact details with a total stranger so fingers crossed every group has one or the other. The link for generating QR Code posters is qrform.tracing.covid19.govt.nz...