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SHE Leads Leadership Program for Young Women

Ana from Epsom

Hello Everyone!
We are new to this Neighbourly family, but we hoped it could help us tell more people about the great activities we have on for women and young girls at Fernhall Study Centre! Fernhall Study Centre is a centre for the personal development of girls and women of all ages and creeds.

Our main activity of the year, kicking off in March is the SHE Leads Leadership Program for young women in years 7-13 and aims to equip them with confidence and skills to help them draw a sense of direction in their lives, discover a sense of purpose and to develop their abilities so that they can give their personal best within their school, home and wider community. The program provides an environment free from social pressure, where participants can develop lasting friendships.

The monthly sessions are comprised of:
- interactive presentations
- engaging discussions
- team activities
- impact projects
- individual mentoring

If you would like to know more about the SHE Leads Program, or about any of our activities at Fernhall, please feel free to visit our website www.fernhall.org... as well as the poster below with a few more of the SHE Leads details!

We hope to hear from you!


Leading by Example Growing in Virtue Nourishing Conviction-2.pdf Download View

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