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13 hours ago

How did the $1.2m supercar race leave Auckland?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, The V8 supercars race costs Auckland ratepayers $1.2m and is the city's most-publicly-sponsored major event. So how did it suddenly end up shifting from its Pukekohe home to Waikato's Hampton Downs? Read the story below:

3 hours ago

Lost wallet

Colette from Mount Eden

Hi all,
My partner lost his wallet on Sunday around 11-12pm. He was walking home from mount Eden road to esplanade road. His driver license is inside alongside all his identity card. Please let us know if you’ve pick it up! Thank you kindly.

10 hours ago

Overgrown hedge

Heather from Remuera

Panmure location- is there anyone who could come and shave the top 3' of the top down the back of house and down the side.