42 days ago

Are you excited to try out Jump's e-bikes?

Kendall Hutt Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours. More than 600 dockless electric ride share bikes will hit the streets of Auckland from February 19 - the first of their kind in New Zealand. Uber-owned company Jump officially launched the bright red e-bikes on Tuesday morning. Are you excited to try one out? How will this change travel for you?

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1 day ago

Dentists Open

Ursula from Sandringham

Hi everyone just wondering if dentists are open as I have a tooth that is giving me pain. Thanks for your replies in advance.

4 hours ago

Thieves still out there

Tracy from New Lynn

A friend contacted me who lives on blockhouse bay road. She had 3 plant pots pinched from her doorstep and a concrete statue of an angelic woman holding a bird in her left hand with a right hand holding a small bird bath. Sad that even at this time thugs still feel they are entitled to take from others. Hope karma gets them.

15 hours ago

When social distancing makes things closer

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Social distancing is the new buzzword, but out in semi-rural areas the end result seems to be that people are "closer". Do you notice a greater enjoyment in random social greetings? Read the column below: