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6 hours ago

MISSING: Wendy Sedon, Ex/Mt Roskill Resident. DEAF

Kim Neighbourly Lead from Mount Roskill

Wendy is DEAF.
I know Wendy personally, and I have known her for a number of years. This is highly unusual for her. Wendy hasn't been back to her flat since Monday.
Please, if you are a passenger in a car, out walking, or just people watching .... please... could you remember Wendy's face and scan for her. She isn't that steady on her feet and is known to use a walking frame or stick, when out and about.
She is DEAF so she won;t hear you calling her. If you see her, you will need to go to her face to face to check on her. Please call 111 and inform the Police immediately should you locate her, or know of her whereabouts.

17 hours ago

Found cat under bed

Karen from New Lynn

Hi everyone - is anyone missing a light ginger, average sized cat? It has turned up under our bed, and we can’t get it out. No idea how it got in to hide. It is injured on one side of his face. Scared and traumatised, poor lad. We can’t get him out without further traumatising him. We’ve fed, and watered him. We don’t want to send it back outside while hurt. Any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Have attached photos. It is dark under the bed so they may not be very good. We’re hoping kitty’s fam will see this post, and come coax it out. Poor thing managed to sneak past our dogs, and our old lady cats are not worried lol. PLEASE HELP!!!

1 day ago

Pharmacies running out of face masks

Melanie Earley Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, pharmacies across the country have been running out of face masks as fears about coronavirus reaching our shores continues. One worker at Life Pharmacy in Remuera, said the store had sold out of the masks three days ago and were unable to get anymore straight away.

Are you worried about the virus heading to New Zealand?