27 days ago

Auckland councillor slams 'culturally ignorant' protest over Mt Albert/Ōwairaka trees

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours,

A politician has condemned the Mt Albert tree protest in Auckland and questions why the police response to Ihumātao was different.

What are your thoughts on this?

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10 minutes ago

Police Cars and Ambulances

Mubashir Neighbourly Lead from Mount Roskill

Why are so many police cars and ambulances running down on Mount Albert road down from Three Kings towards Dominion Road side. Hope all safe.

3 days ago

Last Call - Christmas Day Lunch Invite for our beloved Elders ❤️🎅

Kim Neighbourly Lead from Mount Roskill

Closing invites on Sunday 15th December.

Howdy Neighbours :-)

My tween daughter and I (Single mum) would like to invite an elderly person or 5 into our home to share a meal together. (LOL So far we have 10 of us attending).

We are well aware that there are many out there who spend this Special day alone. This year, you don't need to.

Last year, on Christmas Day, we invited our Neighbours over, and ended up with 15 of us here. It was a wonderful time.

This year, our family are having an early, and a late, get together.

In the past, we have volunteered at the City Mission Dinners.

This year, it's all about YOU!! Our elders ❤️

If you are an elder, or you know of an elderly person or couple, who will be spending their Christmas Day alone this year, please get in contact with us for a chat. We would love to hear from you.

Come to our home. Share in some joy and have a few laughs over a meal and bubbles (Sparkling Grape Juice/Lemonade).

It is good for my daughter to see these things happen, and for her to take part.

So, who out there knows who our next guest may be?

Have a great day Neighbours. Safe travels.

To those of us who have loved ones who have passed on and won't be with us this year ...... *So close, not matter how far ......"

Peace, Love and Light xx ❤️🎅

9 hours ago

wanted jam sized jars

Caroline from New Lynn

Making a huge batch of jam for a charity, but need some jars. Do you have any spare? I am in New Lynn, but jam making will be in Massey.