48 days ago

Chances of finding missing French teen alive 'becoming more slim'

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours. It's now been a month since anyone has seen or heard from 18-year-old French exchange student Eloi Jean Rolland. He was last seen on CCTV at the Britomart Train Station on March 7, where he caught a train to New Lynn and then walked to Piha Rd, near the intersection of Scenic Drive.
Police say the chances of finding him alive are "sadly becoming more slim".
Search and rescue teams have covered a wide area, including bush, walking tracks, nearby beaches and waterfalls, yet no evidence had been found.
Speaking from Paris, Rolland's sister Aurore said her family had to remain hopeful.
"Our hope is that the situation comes to an end. We need an answer. Not knowing is worse than anything."
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12 days ago

Police helicopter noise every night

Jay from New Lynn

Since we left level 4 lockdown the police helicopter has begun flying low over New Lynn again, multiple times per night between midnight and 5 am. Please choose someone else's suburb for your flight path, we're getting sick of being woken up every night. And no I would never have bought here if I'd known it was to become under a flight path. Why was there no consultation?

4 hours ago

Covid relief payment Q&A

Brian from New Lynn

Q. What is the new payment?
A. It's a temporary payment of $490 a week for someone who loses a fulltime job of 30 hours a week or more due to Covid-19, or $250 for someone who was in a part-time job working 15 to 29 hours a week.
It will be available for 12 weeks to anyone who loses a job between March 1 and October 30, with the first payments available from June 8.
Q. Who can get it?
A. NZ citizens or permanent residents who don't get more than $30,000 in redundancy pay, didn't have income protection insurance and don't have a partner earning at least $2000 a week.
Q. What are the obligations?
A. Recipients must:
• Be available for, and actively seeking, suitable work;
• Take appropriate steps towards gaining new employment;
• Engage with suitable work programmes and courses and identify and take opportunities for employment, redeployment and training.
Q. What will it cost?
A. $1.2 billion gross, or $570 million net after deducting what people would have received on normal benefits.
Q. How do you apply?
A. Apply online on the Work and Income website from June 8.

9 hours ago

Cash for your wrecked car. Support your local business

The Team from AAA Auto Parts

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