44 days ago

Simon O'Connor

Sara from Panmure

Ahiahi marie neighbours

I meet Simon O'Connor today at my daughter's school fun run. I approached him to talk about his post celebrating taking away woman's reproductive rights in USA.

Simon was clear that it didn't matter what any of his constituents said that he was never going to change his mind.

In his mind there is no exceptions - I asked him if my 10year daughter was raped tonight and became pregnant would he like to be able to make her give birth- yes was his answer.

It's not my job to tell my neighbours what to think I just thought I'd share what happened.

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10 minutes ago

Uplands Kindergarten

Head Teacher from Uplands Kindergarten

Handwriting requires you to have the ability to move one hand while the other is still. Babies do mirrored movements (bilateral movements) eg waving with both hands, grabbing toys with both hands. When the mid line is mature children can hop and skip (between 4 and 7 years old) and one part of the body can do one thing different to the other.

16 hours ago

Om is a lovely local studio - come and try mindfulness there today at 2!

Eve from Remuera

Hi Neighbours, I love going to Om in Stonefeilds, it is a lovely studio. I am excited to be offering a mindfulness soothing session - no experience necessary there today with payment by Koha, pay what you can afford.

Book through the Om website omyogastudio.us13.list-manage.com...

1 day ago

What's On: Bake Sale & Borsch 4Ukraine

Kirill from Beachlands

Try Ukrainian food and beetroot soup "Borsch" recognized by UNESCO as an endangered heritage. Pine Harbour Fresh Market 19 August, 2pm to 6pm. 20 minutes by ferry from Auckland CBD
Bake Sale & Borsch 4Ukraine
  • Pine Harbour Fresh Market