45 days ago

Do you want to know the truth why the shelves are empty?

Betty from Mount Wellington

Hi, my neighbours
One of my friends know a worker who works on Auckland wharf for a crane company . He said during these days a lot of ships come to Auckland wharf. So his boss wanted to bring more workers. But because their workers do not belong to the wharf union, the wharf union refused the extra workers to help. His boss wanted to unload the ship faster, but the wharf union always refused all the solution. His boss complained, "Why Auckland wharf union are so narrow-minded."
A few days later, their company's machinery was badly damaged and had to close down their 6 cranes. Only 3 cranes left which belong to the council port company, unloading all the ships. Then most ships couldn't wait left for Tauranga and a few to Whangarei. That's why Kmart, Bunnings warehouse, Place maker and many other supermarkets' shelves are empty.
I simply want the Aucklanders to know the truth.
I heard by June that crane company which suffered from the severe damage will not sign the new contract with Auckland council and leave Auckland wharf with a lack of cranes and workers.
I feel there was a mysterious mighty power behind all this and hope Aucklanders have their own view about their port.

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Mirror big and big bag of kids clothes new born clothes for girls

Hope from Point England

Big mirror an clothes free must all go sorry

4 days ago

Could the geat Polynesian migration turn kids on to science and tech

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