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2 hours ago

Misleading Advertising Here

Eugene from Ellerslie

Has anyone tried to complete the application to become a Mystery Shopper on these ads that appear in Notices here? I have and it's absolutely misleading. Once I entered my details, I was then forced to view numerous other advertisements of other businesses and Fundraising organisations, asking me to tick boxes. I couldn't believe it because when I ticked one of he boxes of a fundraising organistions, I started to receive calls from them asking about donations etc. But nothing about the Mystery I cancelled my registeration in disgust. I am not sure if Neighbourly is aware what these people do. But if you decide to warned.

1 day ago

Jellyfish blooms

The Team Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours, warm waters around Auckland are attracting tiny jellyfish towards our shores, causing some people to break out in a rash. Have you been affected by these jellyfish this summer?

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4 hours ago

Mini bar fridge.

Janine from Saint Johns

Hi neighbours. Anyone selling a bar fridge please?