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Rob from Mount Wellington

From The Panmure Community Action Group


Following protests by the Panmure Community Action Group, Auckland Transport have agreed to stage an extra - and far more convenient - Information Session for Panmure on Stage 2A of the AMETI project.

This will be held at the Panmure Community Hall, Pilkington Road, on Monday February 27, from 7pm to 9pm.

Stage 2A of AMETI is designed to replace the Panmure Roundabout with a signalised intersection, replace two of Lagoon Drive's four lanes with a 24-hour two-lane busway, and add a new parallel bridge over the Tamaki River.

If you think these changes will have no impact on your daily routine or your business in Panmure, you may be in for a big surprise. The new intersection will severely restrict traffic movements out of Jellicoe Road and potentially force more traffic into the Panmure Town Centre. It will also give full priority of movement to buses to and from the east of the Tamaki River over local traffic in Panmure, and also see the transfer of a large part of Panmure's existing bus services to the new Lagoon Drive Busway.

Under the proposal, no vehicles from Jellicoe Road will be able to access Lagoon Drive, Ireland Road or the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway. Vehicles will be forced to find other routes - mainly by forcing their way through the Panmure Shopping Centre!

A full list of potential problems with the AMETI proposals is attached to this email, together with a map of the new plan. We strongly urge all Panmure residents and businesses to examine carefully what these plans mean for Panmure and make a submission to them by the closing date of March 7.

The link to the submission site is: at.govt.nz...

Remember: This is your last chance to make your voice heard over the AMETI project. After March 7, it will be too late!

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Emma from Stonefields

Hi there,
I am moving overseas in less than two weeks and have a huge amount of house hold items that I can't bring with me that are up for grabs TOTALLY FREE!!!!!

How this works: Turn up to my house at 28 Garin Way, Stonefields any time between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 21st Oct and take as much stuff as you want FREE!!! I am not available before this time, and I will not put anything aside for anyone - first in first served!!
I need ALL this gone!! The more you can take the better is it for me!!

Lot#1: Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and tree stand.

Lot#2: Double wall adapters (NZ) and NZ > UK adapters (including iPhone charger).

Lot#3: Computer and TV cables (HDMI, network, audio etc).

Lot#4: 2 x cooler bags plus camel pack (needs new bladder).

Lot#5: Assortment of light bulbs.

Lot#6: Car cleaning products (and some extras like octane booster and gasket seal).

Lot#7: 2 x shadow display boxes and a jewelry box.

Lot#8: Stainless steel, dual sided rubbish bin (clean) and woven kind of paper waste basket (also clean).

Lot#9: Cat carrier and covered litter box (cleaned with disinfectant).

Lot#10: Wood- garden stakes and wood panel.

Lot#11: Bulk lot of various folders.

Lot#12: Assortment of electrical multi-boards.

Other items: Desk lamp, outdoor floodlight (no bulb), spider catcher, plunger (only used for kitchen sink), shirt folding device, good condition mens belts (x2), container full of nails and screws (almost new), weed spray, meths, turps, isopropyl alcohol.

I also have various lovely houseplants (palms, vines, orchards and more) that need a new home too!! I forgot to picture these.

So come on over on Sat morning between 10am and 12pm and GRAB AND GO!!!

14 hours ago

Should Auckland Council pay $1.6m for an elephant?

Mandy Te Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Hi neighbours, in 2015 Auckland Council paid $1.6 million to transport an elephant from Sri Lanka to Auckland Zoo. It is now budgeting $1.6m for a second elephant to come to New Zealand. Do we need another elephant? Do you think Council should be spending $1.6m on an elephant? Or should the money go somewhere else? What are your thoughts on this?

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2 days ago

Local supermarket behaviour towards their staff

Simerjeet from Saint Johns

It’s very disappointing to find out one of my flatmate start working at our local supermarket (NEW WORLD) as checkout operator , they (checkout operator) are not allowed to drink water while they working,
They allowed to drink water only in their breaks .
As I worked in supermarket more than 5 years
And sometimes if it’s busy we can’t take our breaks up to more than 3 hours .
And the more disappointing to hear if anybody keep water bottles with them on checkout the senior staff throw water bottles in rubbish.

I am interested to know your views on the people who serve and assist with your grocery shopping, if they drink few sip of water on checkout would you mind ?
Especially if the work required so much talking
And grocery lifting would you able to perform while you thirsty ?
There argument to stop allowing drink water on checkout is purely stupid I don’t want to go down that path if anybody interested I can provide more details