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How To Say Goodbye To Your Old Mattress

Beds 4 U Tauranga

Mattresses usually last 8-10 years before they need to be replaced. Mattresses are one of the most difficult consumer products to get rid of responsibly. Maybe this is one of the main reasons that they end up on the Curb. But have you ever thought what happens to the old mattress when you leave it on the curb? The size and construction of the mattress create a major problem for the authorities.

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Prospa funding helped boost monthly turnover


Sandy Urwin wanted to expand the retail offering within her small business Animal Natural Health Centre.

She considered raising funds by selling a stake to an investor but didn’t want to compromise on quality or her vision for the business. She decided to partner with Prospa to achieve her dreams.

A small business loan helped Sandy increase the variety and volume of stock available for customers – ultimately boosting monthly turnover.
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Free Little Library, 31 Scout Ave, Mt.Roskill.

Lei from Mount Roskill

Free Little Library, 31 Scout Ave Mt. Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand, installed today, the first of many. The BOOK STOP, is a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges everywhere.We are dedicated to increasing book access and forging community connections & to help people in all communities and maintain Free Little Library book exchanges. PM if you would like one in your neighbourhood. We give these fridges destined for recycling (landfill) another 15 years of life by re purposing them for the benefit of our local communities. Help us help our environment while increasing access to educational resources provided through these Free Little Libraries.