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Driver illness and shortages means more bus replacements for trains across Auckland

Sapeer Mayron Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora Neighbours,

Buses will replace trains this weekend, but on a reduced schedule to account for drivers falling sick.

All Auckland Transport trains will be swapped out with buses this weekend (starting Friday at 9.30pm on the Western Line), as KiwiRail has essential maintenance to complete.

Those replacement buses will be less frequent that normal on the Eastern, Southern and Western Lines "while driver shortage and high rates of driver sickness continue," AT says.

AT Group Manager Metro Services Darek Koper says he knows it's frustrating but drivers cannot be asked to work while ill.

“We all know friends or family members who are being knocked about at the moment by winter illnesses, whether it’s COVID-19, the flu, or a bad cold doing the rounds,” said Koper.

“We’re asking Aucklanders to be patient and understanding as we work with our operators to hire and train more drivers, but for the meantime we will unfortunately see more disruption to our services this winter.”

The best way to keep up with network changes is through the AT Mobile app or via the journey planner online.

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1 hour ago

Home maintenance handyman

Nick from Sandringham

Hi Neighbours, I'm available to do jobs around your home , waterblasting, painting , small building works , window and door repair , plumbing, garden cleans , mowing and trimming ,
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5 days ago

Zero Waste Awards

The Team from Auckland Council

Do you know a zero waste hero?🦸‍♀️
Nominations for this year’s awards are open during August 2022 so if you know of an unsung hero whose work deserves to be recognised, please put their name forward.

1 day ago

Handy Man

Karl from Kingsland

Hi there, my name is Karl and I'm as handy as I am honest, decent and respectful.

I have just returned from the UK and I'm currently awaiting a placement on a permaculture farm in Wanganui.

In the meantime I need to get by so I thought I'd post an advertisement on neighbourly.

I'm an experienced Tiler + I have worked several types of construction and landscaping jobs, I'm competent and efficient in painting & decorating, gardening, home maintenance and all things 'hands-on'.

I will be available for the next couple of months until I pursue my next phase of training and occupation on a more earth friendly and sustainable path.
Obviously I could just get a temporary job but I feel that there's more meaning and purpose in being useful in my community using the skills I have to help other people - it also means that I don't have to contribute to any parts of industries that I feel aren't in line with a sustainable future for us all.

Get in touch if there's a job you just don't want to do, I'll take on most types of home maintenance and general renovation jobs - even if you just some help with something, I'd love to get involved.

Take care, speak soon, Karl